More Than 20 Sophisticated Programs

PowerPR Institute develops more than 20 Sophisticated Programs to meet your needs, we also can develop a tailor training program that suitable with your needs. Please call us to discuss it.

  1. Strategic Community Development
  2. How to deal with Media
  3. Powerful Spokesperson
  4. Powerful Internal Corporate Communications
  5. Public Relations Strategy and Planning
  6. Public Relations Strategy to Cope with Corporate Crisis
  7. Powerful Web Writing
  8. Change Management
  9. Investor Relations in Capital Market
  10. Powerful Press Release
  11. Executive Public Relations Strategy to Cope with Corporate Crisis
  12. Powerful Stakeholder Engagement
  13. Win the Public Trust through Reputation Management
  14. How to deal with Viral/Online Media
  15. The Power of Public Relations
  16. Strategic Public Relations in Finance & Banking Industry
  17. Corporate Social Responsibility
  18. Powerful PR Campaigns
  19. Powerful Public Affairs Workshop
  20. Executive Strategic Public Relations
  21. Executive Media Relations
  22. Powerful Speechwriting
  23. Powerful Protocol and Etiquette
  24. Powerful Public Affairs