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The Best Strategic Public Relations Consultant in Indonesia


For Christovita Wiloto, one of the Jakarta’s top PR strategist, the key for companies or individuals wanting to project a strong image is smart communication.

Communication is important and needs to be taken seriously. Words can seems like inconsequential things, but the wrong choice of words can lead to big problems”, say Christovita Wiloto, CEO of PowerPR.

During his early 20’s, Christovita was the agency secretary of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency. The position gave him a wealth of experiences and many opportunities to learn about efficiently and effectively managing corporate communications. Ultimately, this led him to start his own public relations firm, PowerPR Christovita Wiloto & Co.

Christovita has been running his highly- successful firm for almost a decade now. The company focuses not just on PR, but also communication and strategic services. His clients include banks, corporations, government institutions and multinational companies.

“What we do is we give the best solution to fix an issue or to improve a certain image, and we do that through effective communication and strategy”, Christovita said.

Christovita says that the general level of strategic communication still needs to be improved, especially in Indonesia. Too often, he says, careless words come back to haunt businesses and politicians.

“In a way, we need to formulate each and every words we say before we say it, especially if those words will end up in the news. Your words can be like a boomerang, if you’re not careful”, he says.

Christovita says his job is to offer suggestions on both what kind of image a company should be projecting and how it can most effectively project that image.

Everything we do with other people is communication, whether it be in private or in public. At times, people can get confused when stating their opinions or delivering their messages. That is why they need someone to guide them and keep them on the right path”, Christovita says.

And that is vitally important to any business, he adds. “Your words are what builds your image. Communication is the life blood of an organisation and, for individuals, a key indicator of both their interpersonal and business skills. In the early days, communication was limited, but today, the media and internet make it more important then ever”.

Christovita strongly urges people who want to get ahead in their jobs to improve their communication skills. “We often overlook its importance, but communication is the basis of almost everything we do with other people. If they can communicate effectively with others, I believe anybody can reach their goals. It’s the foundation of our daily lives, so by improving our ability to communicate, ultimately we are improving our live”.