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Indonesia Investment Forum in Singapore

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Indonesia Investment Forum in Singapore



Jakarta, Indonesia, Apr 24, 2013 – (ACN Newswire) – Indonesia has huge investment opportunities as a developing country. Christovita Wiloto, PowerPR CEO Asia Pacific, said, “The government, businesses, and investors should optimally utilize the vast investment opportunities in Indonesia. Foreign investment oppurtinities in Indonesia this year are supported by economic growth in 2012 is still above 6%. Besides that, domestic consumption and the number of people in Indonesia can be a factors for investors to make their investment in Indonesia, although there are many policies that need to be improved especially in terms of licensing.”

The main thing that should be done is Indonesia has to be innovative in investment sectors and no longer rely on cheap labor and focused on natural resources.

Primus Dorimulu, Investor Daily Chief Editor, said, “The example of investment products that are supposed to increase the added value of the investment, from coal to power sector, from investment in the textile industry to the apparel industry by making clothes with better design and certainly, all the investment sectors rely more on the carrying capacity of the technology.”

Christov further explained that Indonesia’s economic optimism is still the main attraction for investors compared to other Asian countries this year, due to the carrying capacity of the infrastructure in the country which is still good. The Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board data recorded in the third quarter 2012 that actual investment has reached Rp 229.9 trillion, up 27% compared to the same period of 2011 which amounted to Rp 181 trillion. Those achievements consist of domestic investment of Rp 65.7 trillion and Rp 164.2 trillion of foreign investment. The biggest countries which invest in Indonesia from January to September 2012 including Singapore with an investment of U.S. $ 3.5 billion, Japan U.S. $ 1.8 billion, South Korea $ 1.3 billion, UK $ 900 million and U.S. $ 700 million.

Primus explained that the opportunity for Indonesia to encourage the inflow of foreign investment into Indonesia is still quite large, due to the economic growth of Indonesia which is the highest in ASEAN. In addition, this year Indonesia is still considered to have sufficient capital to attract investment, and has political stability, security, economy and the market are quite large, as well as, the amount of natural resources that can be used for innovation.

On the other hand, the emergence of various government policies that are related to the entry of investors, makes foreign investors need to reconsider the opportunity to invest in Indonesia. The factor of legislation, government regulations and politics often lead to various constraints.

Christov explains, “In line with all of it, PowerPR and Investor Daily Indonesia will organize Indonesia Investment Forum (IIF) in Singapore, on May 15-17, 2013. The topic of this forum is to discuss various investment opportunities in Indonesia, to open a dialogue between Indonesia Government, Indonesia enterprises as investment targets and the Global Investors. This forum will be attended by approximately 50 Indonesia enterprises and 50 Global Investors”.

Primus adds, “Indonesia Ministry of Finance and Indonesia Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises will be present as Keynote Speakers, along with the Indonesia Head of Investment Coordinating Board, Managing Director of Indonesia Stock Exchange and Indonesia Head of the Commissioner Council at the Financial Services Authority.

Christov said, “The main objective of Indonesia Investment Forum is to create a better understanding of the business opportunity in Indonesia, which in turn will create investment interest in Indonesia as well as to increase the number of investors who will invest in Indonesia. We invite all investors from all over the world to participate in this forum, please send confirmation email to melva_powerpr@wiloto.com.

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