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PowerPR Services

The Best Strategic Public Relations Consultant in Indonesia

Change Communications

Every company does change its management regularly. What matters the most is how they deliver the message to internal and external stakeholders. The key word is to prepare earlier before the change occurs in that company. Whether it’s a new management, new regulation or others we make sure to manage communication inquiries and send the right messages to the right audience.

Crisis Management

Our team will help to create and implement programs that build a goodwill for your company, quickly correct the damage, deal with all aspects of an emergency situation, response mechanism for every crisis scenario, review and updating the plans and follow up after the crisis.

Financial Public Relations

Our financial service is integrated in Investo Indonesia, an Integrated Strategic Investor Relations Counseling and Support Services.

Government & Parliaments Relations

We assist clients to improve communications with government, legislators and regulatory agencies to create mutual understanding.

Investor Relations

We assist clients on Integrated Strategic Investor Relations Counseling and Support Services. We provide a full range of services which include:

  1. Comprehensive investor communications programs.
  2. Tailored investor relations programs for IPOs.
  3. Corporate positioning and key message development.
  4. Investment community marketing.
  5. Financial media relations.
  6. Transactions and Special Situations/Crisis Communications.
  7. In-depth investment community perception surveys.

Our investor relations expertise encompasses numerous financial communications issues and events including IPOs and other securities offerings, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, management transitions, strategic alliances, investor days, crisis communications, stock exchange listings, divestitures and others.

Issues Management Strategy & Implementations

Handling and prevent major issues or crisis that could directly affect clients by working together with management when clients, employees, investors, stakeholders, regulators, and governmental bodies are all demanding immediate answer and action.

Legal Activities

We assist clients in the litigation PR field, where we work to manage rapid communications process during the court period. We handle the external stakeholders , keep and feed related information so they are up to date with the recent updates in the legal process. Adding to that, we also assist clients in out-of- court settlement’s preparation and finalization. It is our goal to deliver the best outcome for our clients yet still maintain a win-win solution for everybody.

Marketing Communications

Formulated in a brief essence as managing a good and rewarding relationship in the long run between your brand(s) and its/their consumers. By having this good long term relationship your brands will reap a competitive positioning within the market which is getting more and more fierce.

This long term good relationship would be managed by managing one consistent single message from time to time between all your brand communication tools, either above the line or/and below the line, to give your brand(s) personality and unique competitive positioning within the market.  Technically, it has to do with integrating all your marketing tools, approaches, and resources to maximizing impact on consumer mind and resulting into a maximum profit at minimum cost.

Media Relations

Delivering the specific clients needs and to achieve long-term objectives to the whole potential media. We also subscribe to key financial, business and trade publications to help keep our clients well informed.

Public Relations

We assist and support clients and companies in the field of strategic communications as tools to interact with the simplest mechanisms and yet getting the highest impact possible.


Through our news releases and other methods we design our publicity for the clients to broaden knowledge and positive recognition of our clients. Publicity is relatively less costly when compared against advertising. Publicity is perceived as objective news or credibility rather than self-serving promotion.

Reputation Management

Business decision will always have implications to who company interact such as shareholders, customers and employees, as well as suppliers, government regulators, the media, and even competitors. One of the implications from the decision is reputation, and reputation is a major asset to the company. We will help our clients to manage their reputation by preserved and enhanced it.